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Hello and welcome ! My name is Adam the founder of Off Grid Lifestyle Solutions. Thank you for taking the time to learn about myself. At all times I invite you to look around and make your self at home. After all, my home is your home !

So sit back, grab your favourite drink and spend just a moment on getting to know me and what ” Off Grid Lifestyle Solutions – the secrets to off grid living”, is all about


 My Story




I am an ex-military father of 3 children. I was born and raised in Australia and grew up with my outdoor loving family. My childhood was a “normal” one in which I was conditioned to love others and myself, whilst upholding values and morals of honesty, loyalty and respect.

As an adolescent I was industrious and inventive . I was very rarely indoors. Displaying initiative and always up for a challenge. I thrived on learning new concepts of survival in..the wild. Ranging from radical new ideas on bush shelters for camping, hunting and fishing to trialling newly discovered foods I could eat off the land such as berries, roots, nuts, fruits, honey, proteins, etc.

On occasions I would “customize” my clothing ( usually with a pair of scissors ! ) to suit my next adventure and I wasn’t all that popular come clothes washing day !

You know the boy that would always be up a tree ?. The one that would come home with dirty bare feet ? Or wouldn’t get home through the front door until it was dark ?………….Yes. That was me !

From a young age my love for the outdoors, especially the sense of freedom within it and the connection with the natural environment , forged itself over time into a purpose that I wouldn’t discover until I became an adult.

My career in the Army taught me valuable skills, attributes and insights. It not only polished my spirit, but reignited the importance of duty of care to myself, my loved ones and my fellow people, no matter the situation or condition. Including the high values of self dependency, self reliance and self sufficiency in all of its aspects.

All of this is at the forefront of my thinking and my way of life.

I have nearly 10 years first hand experience in living ‘off grid’. Before the days of ‘everyday internet’ most of the knowledge and skills I had learnt were of those handed down to me by mentors and those who have lived off grid for many, many years! Those of which were from different backgrounds and different ethnicities.

I was lucky enough to spend 7 of my ‘off grid’ years in a remote off grid community where much of my knowledge draws from. This was a community in which we all built our own homes. We shared / bartered our yields in food and labour with each other.

We all had families, kids and jobs. We all had our own lives. We supported each other in many ways and we found solutions to problems through the principles of necessity.

This lifestyle is simple and it works!

Through trials and tribulations, the blood, sweat and oh, YES the tears ! I have come out the other side with skills, knowledge, appreciation and an understanding to what we need to live a life of freedom ‘off the grid‘.

Importantly for me now, is the ability to provide answers to the “everyday ” problems that are asked about off grid lifestyle and also deliver the “not provided ” information, to the broader community which is sometimes obscure and difficult to source.

Whether you are attached to the grid, semi-attached, full off grid, or beginning the process !   Then I welcome you, around my fire!




Today I surround myself with family and friends. I look forward to meeting and helping like minded people.


   Why I want to help people ?


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To be able to share my knowledge to others in this field brings me great pleasure and satisfaction. In this current modern day life of information and technology and the access to it, I feel compelled to use the platforms of the internet to share my insights with those seeking advice and guidance in the world of ‘off grid living’.

As mentioned above in my introduction, when I first started out living ‘off grid’, I didn’t have the high level access to information at my fingertips that most people have access to today, through various means on the internet.

The majority of my skills were learnt through trial and error, by what worked and by what didn’t. Many of the ‘off grid’ hurdles my family and I faced as first time “off gridders” were tackled and resolved by wit, initiative, effort and just pure luck !…. Gone now are those days !

We have now entered a new world, a time of information, and to the advantage of those seeking it ….. this information is now mostly endless and not to mention free ! something I would have cherished when I entered the lifestyle of living off grid all those years ago.

This is the reason why I want to help people with information on living ‘off grid’ as it is something I just simply didn’t have access to initially. I would like to give back to the broader community what I have learned. I have had many years experience in living off grid and much to share in the helping of others.

Helping people with problems regarding off grid living and providing solutions for them is something I have always loved. I know very well the importance of finding fixes and alternatives for ‘off grid living’ as with some issues it is not only life changing….. but life saving !


What is “Off Grid Lifestyle Solutions” All about? 




“Off Grid Lifestyle Solutions” is about providing Accurate and Informative information to help those living off the grid, or are in the process to. We also recommend suitable appliances and products that assist people with living their lives “off the grid”.

The purpose and intention of this website is to provide solutions to problems and to focus on helping people with information. Off Grid Lifestyle Solutions also recommends alternative ideas and products in making ‘off grid’ living easier and more enjoyable inside and outside of the home.

“Off Grid Lifestyle Solutions” delivers advice, experience, knowledge, information and recommendations to products that meet standards of practicality, quality, affordability, positive reviews, ratings and value for money.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, please feel free to contact me below and I will be more than happy to answer and help you out.

All the best,



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